CEREC Ceramic Fillings

How are ceramic fillings different to composite resin or amalgam fillings?

Fillings no longer have to be the old-fashioned grey/black metal amalgam ones which look and feel unnatural. There is also a concern about the potential toxicity of the 50% mercury component of amalgams.

The traditional alternative of “white fillings” were typically composite resins, a type of plastic. Composite resins are characteristically softer than natural enamel and would wear quickly (within 3-7 years) if used to repair large fillings on back teeth.

Ceramic or porcelain materials provide the best solution for modern dentistry. They were developed to closely mimic natural tooth enamel, both in wear rate, feel and aesthetics. The durability of ceramics is far greater than plastic composite resins and designed to last for 10-15 years or longer.

What is CEREC actually?

CEREC stands for ceramic reconstruction and enables esthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single visit.

How is CEREC different to traditional ceramic fillings?

Ceramics have been used for many decades as filling materials. Traditionally the fitting of a ceramic filling was a two-appointment process involving multiple impressions, a waiting time of up to 2 weeks for the technician to make the filling, a temporary filling, and finally a second appointment for fitment.

The CEREC system does away with all of this by allowing me to prepare, manufacture, fit and finish your dental restoration in A SINGLE VISIT.

After removing the decayed tissue or defective filling, a digital camera is used to photograph the tooth shape in 3D. The filling is designed digitally on computer, and the ceramic filling is made right in front of your eyes in under 10 minutes using state-of-the-art computer-controlled robotic milling!

CEREC saves you time, avoids the need for uncomfortable moulds, avoids a second anaesthetic, avoids the need for unpredictable temporary fillings, and saves the wait and inconvenience of a second return visit.

Ceramic fillings are also kinder to your teeth as we preserve much more of your natural tooth structure. This means your teeth are stronger and reduces the need for a crown later in life.

CEREC at any age

Three CEREC doctors, with combined dentistry experience of more than 100 years, talk about their practices both before and after introducing digital impressions and in-office milling through CEREC. Watch how their unique stories intertwine.